Getting started with Help Center HQ

Now that you have HelpHQ installed you’re ready to start building your Help Center.

A HelpHQ help center is made of collections and articles. A collection holds groups of related questions.

Step 1

You can create your first collection by clicking the “Create collection” button on the welcome screen.

This will take you to the collection creator page. From here you can enter basic details and select an icon to represent your collection. Click the create button on the right once finished.

Step 2

Now that we have a collection created we’re ready to add our first help article. Click the big plus on the upper right and then “New article”.

This we’ll take you to the article creator page. You can enter your article content on the left and additional details on the right. Click create article once finished.

Step 3

You can customize your HelpHQ page by heading to the settings page. Navigate there by clicking the link up top. Here you will find an array of settings you can customize to your liking. Click Saved when finished.

Step 4

You can view you’re newly created by clicking the help center by clicking the button on the top right.

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