Getting started with Slide Cart

After installing Slide Cart, you can get up and running in a few simple clicks.

Certain themes already have a cart drawer / popup cart built in. If your store does you will want to disable it before enabling Slide Cart. An option to disable it is generally found in Theme Settings. Head to Online Store > Themes > Customize.

getting started 1

From here check in Theme Settings for an option to disable it. Every theme is different - on the default theme it’s under “Add to cart notification”. Disable it and save your settings. If you can't find an option to disable it, simply choose "Cart type > Page" as your setting to disable the cart.

getting started 1

Now that we’ve cleared the floor for Slide Cart we can head to the app settings page and enable it via the toggle switch located in the header. This will activate the cart on your live store.

getting started 1

Optionally you can change the settings to match your theme better. If your store has a dark color scheme use “dark mode”. We also recommend setting the accent color to your theme’s primary color.

If you still need help getting set-up, just drop us an email with your Shopify domain to - we'll be with you shortly!

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