Getting Started with Super Bar

Step 1: Select a plan

After clicking the install button you'll be prompted to select a plan. The free plan gives you the basic functionality and the premium gives you access to design settings, upselling, countdown timers, analytics and more.


Step 2: Create a backup

After selecting a plan you'll be taken to the snippet installer page. Before we install the app we'll want to create a backup theme.

In a new tab head to Online Store > Themes. Find the theme you plan to install on and click Actions > Duplicate theme.


This should create a backup theme for us to use in case something goes wrong (highly unlikely).

Step 3: Run the snippet installer

In order for Super Bar to work a small code snippet had to be placed within your theme.liquid file. The auto installer should work for 99% of cases. Select your target theme and click install.

run installer

It will make you confirm that you've made a backup before proceeding. It should then only take 20 seconds to install. Once complete click the continue button:


If the auto-installer fails we have detailed manual installation instructions available here. You can also contact us at if you need assistance.

Step 4: Enable the app

By default, Super Bar will be disabled. You can toggle the app on and off via the toggle switch locted on the top right. Enable the app.


Step 5: Test that it's working

At this point the sticky add to cart bar should be active on your product pages. Head to your online store and verify that it is working.

Step 6: Configure

Now that the app is working the last step is to configure it to your liking. You will find tons of configuration options. It should mostly be self explanatory. If you have any questions please check the rest of the documentation or contact us at .

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