How do I open my cart drawer upon add to cart

Built in Slide Cart support

We are actually the developers behind the #1 cart drawer app on Shopify Slide Cart. Slide Cart works with Super Bar out of the box, and I'd highly recommend checking it out.

Using another app or a theme's cart drawer

Using a third party cart drawer will be a little more difficult. If you're not familiar with your cart drawers workings you'll have to contact its developers, but the basic steps go like this...

Change the add behavior

Start by changing your add to cart behavior to nothing. This will stop any cart/checkout redirects that may be happening from Super Bar.


Custom javascript

Next click the "reveal advanced settings" button. This will reveal the add to cart javascript field.


In this field you can place any javascript you wish to run upon add to cart. The javascript will have the product and variant variables available to them. Most cart drawers should have a function you can run here, but you'll have to check with the developers.

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