How do I upsell items in my cart?

Upselling items is only available on our premium plan. Once upgraded, adding upsell items is easy.

From the setting page find the Basic Upsell section. Once found click the empty box or add product button.

Add upsell item

A new window will pop up where you can select the product you wish to upsell. Once selected click the add button on the bottom right corner.

Add upsell item

Repeat the process if you wish to add additional items (max of five). Once complete toggle the enable checkbox and save your settings.

Add upsell item

If a cart has multiple upsell items they will be displayed in a slider. You can reorder the items using the drag handles in the table.

If you still need help getting set-up, just drop us an email with your Shopify domain to - we'll be with you shortly!

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