How do I use the rewards module?

Cart Rewards is for premium users only. Once upgraded setup is easy.

From the settings page scroll down to the rewards module section. In this section you’ll find a multitude of options to set up rewards. Let’s go over each of the fields.

  • Minimum amount is $ amount needed for the customer to unlock the award.
  • Pre-Unlock text is the text displayed before they unlock the reward. This should be something motivational (Example: Spend $15 more and receive free shipping!)
  • Post-Unlock text is the text displayed once the customer has reached the minimum. If you’re using auto discounts you can say something like “Congrats free shipping unlocked”. If Your using coupon codes you can say something like “Free shipping unlocked! Use code FREESHIP at checkout”.
  • Change shipping text when reward active Enable this field if you want to change the shipping row once the minimum is met (Example: “Calculated at checkout” > “Free”).
  • Shipping text once reward is met this is where you place the replacement text.

Once you’ve edited your settings toggle the enable checkbox and save your settings.

enable rewards


You are required to manually create an automatic discount or coupon code to match your settings. We highly recommend using automatic discounts over coupon codes.

enable rewards

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