How to manually install Super Bar on a theme

In some rare cases Super Bar will not be able to automatically add the snippet to your theme. Not to worry though, manual installation is a breeze.

Step 1: Copy the snippet

Start by coping the manual installation snippet found on the installation page.


Step 2: Duplicate your theme

Next you'll want to head to Online Store > Themes and make a duplicate of your theme. This is done as a precaution in case anything goes wrong.


Step 3: Open the code editor

Open the code editor on your theme by going to Actions > Edit Code.


Step 4: Open the theme.liquid file

On the left sidebar you'll see a big list of all the files that make up your theme. Open the theme.liquid file located in the layout section.


Step 5: Paste in the snippet before the closing body

Scroll to the bottom of the file and locate the closing </body> tag. Make sure it is </body> exactly and NOT <body>. Paste the copied snippet on a new line above.


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