Uninstalling Advanced Product Descriptions

If you to uninstall advanced product descriptions please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Just in case, back up the theme you’re uninstalling on. Head to Online store > Themes and duplicate the theme you’ll be uninstalling on.

doc image

Step 2

Head to the uninstall page. The link is placed in the header.

doc image

Step 3

Select the theme you’re uninstalling on and run the uninstalled. Alternatively you’ll see manual instructions you can follow.

doc image

Step 4

Once the uninstaller finished press the continue button.

doc image

Step 5

Disable the app using the master switch on the settings page.

doc image

Step 6 (optional)

You have the option to store your advanced descriptions (in case you come back). If you’re sure you’ll never be back you’ll want to delete all your advanced descriptions.

doc image

Step 7

Uninstall the app.

doc image

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