Upselling items with Super Bar

Kinds of upselling

Super Bar offers three different kinds of upselling. Here's a quick break down of each one.

Add to cart upselling

Add to cart upselling is the most specific and takes preference over all other kinds. Within the app interface you'll be able to create a table of rules "when X is added to cart sell Y". Super Bar will search the table of rules and if a match is found it will upsell that item. This kind of upselling only works on the product page.


Recommended product upselling makes use of Shopify's recommended product api. Upon page load Super Bar will send the contents of your cart to this api and upsell whatever products come back. This is not customizable. If enabled this will be used if add to cart upselling comes up blank or is disabled.

Fallback upselling

Fallback upselling allows you to select products you wish to upsell if the methods above come up blank or are disabled.


Offpage upselling

Offpage upselling allows you to sell upsell additional products while your customers are browsing other parts of your store (non-product pages). It works by showing Super Bar on page with the upsell methods above (excluding add to cart upselling).

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