Using Slide Cart with Weglot

A more automated way to use Slide Cart with Weglot is currently being worked on. In the Weglot integration, it is possible using a custom script.


  1. Set up Weglot on your store with the desired languages.

  2. Make sure you've installed the fast-install snippet. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Step 1: Determine the two-letter language code.

Before we add the custom script we must figure out the language code(s). A detailed list can be found here. For example if I was translating to German the code would be "de".

__Step 2: Add the custom snippet

Once you've determined the code copy and paste the snippet below into your theme.liquid file, just below the closing <body> tag.

  window.SLIDECART_OPENED = function() {    
    var lang = document.querySelector('html').getAttribute('lang').toLowerCase()

    if (lang == "nl") {
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.rewards_pre = "Spend *{{ amount }}* more for 10% off"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.rewards_post = "10% off activated!"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.rewards_amount = "100.00"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.rewards_shipping_text = "FREE"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.title_text = "Cart"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.note_text = "Add an optional note"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.note_placeholder_text = "Special instructions"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.discounts_label_text = "Discounts"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.shipping_label_text = "Shipping"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.shipping_value_text = "FREE"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.subtotal_label_text = "Subtotal"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.checkout_text = "Checkout"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.upsell_add_text = "Add"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.upsell_add_long_text = "Add to cart"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.upsell_unavailable_text = "Unavailable"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.empty_text = "Your cart is empty."
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.custom_html_footer = ""
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.custom_html_header = ""
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.custom_html_checkout = ""
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.custom_html_empty = ""
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.continue_shopping_text = "Or continue shopping"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.discount_box_label = "Discount code"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.discount_box_error_text = "Invalid discount code"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.discount_box_button_text = "Apply"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.subscription_text = "Subscription"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.checkbox_text = "I agree to the terms of service."
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.checkbox_note_text = "TOS accepted"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.vendor_key_text = "Vendor"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.product_type_key_text = "Product type"
      window.SLIDECART_STATE().settings.aupsell_heading = "Recommended Products"

__Step 3: Add your translations

Once the snippet is pasted in, change the language code inside of the snippet on line 5.

For example, If I was translating to spanish I would change if (lang == "nl") { to if (lang == "es") {

Afterwards translate all of the text within the quotes below and hit save.

__Step 4: Test your store

Everything should be working at this point, give your store a test. If anything goes wrong please contact us and we'll help you get setup.

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